Peace is

Global Fairness by Limitism


social-ecological Wingspan-Capitalism

 & an updated Democracy by a combination of two elements:

- Convention citoyenne pour le climat [as an example]

- multi-issue-vote-system to broaden Democracy [as an example]

Limits for too much open upper and lower bounds is to answer the question about what Wingspan-Capitalism and Democracy is + should be alike. To be continued ....

Co-authors are welcomed !

`Blue MarbleŽ (NASA) - The Venue of Limitism

At least, everything material in the world has its limits !

Law, institutions and reasonable moral should be based to a great extent on material facts - not on spiritual grounds. Freedom and property rights must be a basic pattern of a democratic society, but cannot be let without limits within the bounds of commensurability, societal rationality and global fairness. Such limitistic principle is not only a postulate. It`s a presumption that should be backed up empirically, as well as theoretically. Limitism is eager to evidence and spread out such thinking to transform current capitalism to global wingspan-capitalism [capitalism within a range].

by T. S.


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